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Our Story

Bahn Samrong Thai Massage provides Authentic Traditional Thai Massage by qualified practitioners offering specialised techniques to both relax and rejuvenate, all within a peaceful and calming environment. Our practitioners are fully qualified and trained in Thailand, ensuring you receive a genuine traditional Thai or Thai relaxation massage. Please take a look at our massage styles and call us to book an appointment to cater specifically to your requirements or just drop in. Traditional Thai massage has its origins dating back some 2,500 years as a Buddhist holistic healing modality. Its techniques combine the ancient principles of shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology and yoga. Through gentle stretching and pressure applied with the hands and feet, therapists are able to relieve muscular and joint tension, adjust skeletal structure and posture, remove accumulated toxins from the muscles and balance the body’s natural energy systems. Our services range from Foot Massage, Head Massage to Relaxation Massage, from Deep Tissue Massage to Oil Massage-or our Combination Thai/Oil massage, our native Thai therapists are highly trained and experienced relaxation experts. Come in for a Full Body Massage or an Express Massage. Designed to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually, Thai massage is a great way to increase health and vitality on all levels.